Some Common Questions

Do you top trees? 

No, we do not top tree for a number of reasons. It is dangerous to the health of the tree, involves improper pruning methods, and will likely kill the tree, or cause large dead sections.

Are you an arborist?

Yes! We staff ISA Certified Arborists, and are trained to take on any tree related project. 

Do you give free estimates? 

Yes! We give free estimates to clients in our service area, Zanesville Ohio. If you are out of town, reach out to discuss an option for getting an estimate. 

When should I have trees trimmed?

You can do light pruning all year round. Heavy pruning is recommended to be done while the tree is fully dormant (winter months). Some species of trees require certain timing based on airborne diseases. Please consult a certified arborist before you do any pruning! 

Can you do large dangerous jobs?

Yes! One thing we pride ourselves on is being able to remove monstrous trees, in the safest way. We work with a local crane company and use cranes ranging from 38ton to 200+ ton. We have the equipment, and skilled staff to take on anything.